The Boutique Cultivation Story

In the claiming of a brand name, a lofty goal is aimed…. Such is the case with those of us here with Boutique Cultivation…

Guided by our vision for a progressive and sustainable cannabis company, Boutique Cultivation is establishing a legacy in the future of the WA state cannabis industry as we build upon our strong cultural foundation.

We envision a holistic economy that creates economic, natural, and social capital by regenerating our planet’s natural systems. Our cannabis is made using complete environmental controls and biological solutions for pest and mold management. Our practices are 100% poison and heavy metal free and produced using sustainable methods and materials. When you choose Boutique Cultivation’s product, you choose a healthy future for our planet as well as yourself.

We at Boutique Cultivation strive to ensure that the 3 standards of quality cannabis are present in all of our products.  Having all of the big 3 - Flavor, Potency, and Experience - is the apex of potential of our sacred plant. We here at Boutique Cultivation strive every crop for this holy grail of content and our customers appreciate this above all else. By using a combination of organic and mineral nutrients and a complex blend of microbiology we are using natures synergistic components to infuse our product with the most complete flavor and effect profile as possible.