Our Pest and Mold Practices

The Background:

From the beginning, our team has dug deep and followed modern agricultural research and developments and applied these practices to producing connoisseur grade cannabis.  Our cultivation team has a combined 50 years of indoor cultivation knowledge and experience. Our roots are in a community that has cared for and tended these flowers for generations, and our methods to produce clean pathogen free cannabis are a result.

Boutique Cultivation believes that the highest value of our reputation is growing clean cannabis. Please rest assured, know each crop is now tested for a full list of pesticides and heavy metals. Test results will be sent to stores with each delivery along with the regular quality assurance tests.  As science is demonstrating, the most crucial health issues to humans in consuming cannabis are the presence of heavy metals and pesticides in the product.  Boutique Cultivation will always test above and beyond, according to our own high standards; no matter what the laws, rules, agencies and labs have settled on as common points, action levels and standardized methods of testing.

Growing healthy genetics free from harmful pesticides and heavy metals is the best thing we can do for our store partners, our fan base and our company.  Rest assured Boutique Cultivation will continue to provide CLEAN CANNABIS to the public; as we always have; regardless of any governmental oversight program!

Pest and Mold Management Statement

Please know that the health, safety and satisfaction of cannabis consumers are important to us.  We are boutique batch growers of artisan strains and our genetics have withstood the test of time as naturally resistant, but we do rely on some help.

When issues appear, we depend exclusively upon biological and environmental solutions to control pests and molds with natural, non-toxic methods to provide clean cannabis to safely enjoy. Our crops are pesticide and heavy metal safe, as always.

What we use to keep our products free of harmful pest and molds:

  • Beneficial Nematodes species Steinernema Feltiae as soil drench to control specific soil bearing pests.
  • Multiple types of beneficial bacillus are exposed to undesirable pest larvae and causes them to explode or dissolve their exoskeleton.

Hypoaspis Miles; aka Stratiolaelaps Scimitus soil drench to control additional soil bearing pests
This is a predator bug that lives in the soil and hunts down undesirable root eating bugs!

Amblyseius Andersoni predator insect sachets applied to each plant to control leaf eating bugs
These microscopic bugs cannibalize themselves when they run out of other bugs to hunt!

Air purification system designed by NASA to keep the air scrubbed of mold spores.

H202/Vinegar solution + Simple Green to clean and sanitize the garden after every harvest

Growing strong healthy genetics free of plant-destroying pests and molds is the best thing we do to bring you superior cannabis because YOUR HEALTH MATTERS!