Quality Cannabis Products

Our Mission is to Craft Boutique Quality Cannabis products.

Supported by our business and cultural foundation,
we participate in the world through our product
offerings as the very essence of our existence.

The Boutique Cultivation Story

In the claiming of a brand name, a lofty goal is aimed…. Such is the case with those of us here with Boutique Cultivation…

Guided by our vision for a progressive and sustainable cannabis company, Boutique Cultivation is establishing a legacy in the future of the WA state cannabis industry as we build upon our strong cultural foundation.


The Boutique Cultivation Story

About Boutique Cultivation

Boutique Cultivation’s philosophy is the foundation of our work and directs everything towards customer satisfaction. We are small batch growers of artisan cannabis strains that have withstood the test of time as appealing and unique, desirable to a plethora of variable customers wants and desires….


Through our extensive knowledge in, and history of, cultivation we build our growing facilities to optimize the plant environment, thus experiencing a minimal of pest and pathogenic pressure.  From the seed starts and clones in our veg rooms, to harvest, and the final trim and jar, our products' environments are the key to our quality.  By utilizing cutting edge technology combined with our experienced artisan staff to maintain optimum growing conditions throughout the crop cycle we then finalize our claims of poison free, clean cannabis with third party quality assurance tests for both pesticides and heavy metals.


Whether you use our cannabis products for pleasure or for purpose, your health matters to Boutique Cultivation!

Our Pest and Mold Practices

The Background:

From the beginning, our team has dug deep and followed modern agricultural research and developments and applied these practices to producing connoisseur grade cannabis.  Our cultivation team has a combined 50 years of indoor cultivation knowledge and experience. Our roots are in a community that has cared for and tended these flowers for generations, and our methods to produce clean pathogen free cannabis are a result.

Pest and Mold Practices